Who is NAMO?
What do we do?
Key issues?
NAMO is an organization consisting of steamship associations and maritime exchanges that focuses its attention on operational issues affecting the viability of the steamship industry. NAMO’s mission is to improve the climate for international shipping in the United States.

NAMO was created to focus federal government attention on the needs of the steamship agents, owners and operators, and others engaged in ocean shipping.
The National Association of Maritime Organizations (NAMO) is a non-profit association comprised of Maritime Associations and Exchanges from seaports throughout the United States. In turn, these transportation industry organizations represent over 4,000 members in U.S. seaports. Established in 1991 to focus attention on the needs of vessel agents, owners/operators, and others concerned with the safety and efficiency of vessel and cargo operations, NAMO represents its members on a variety of matters affecting foreign or domestic waterborne commerce.
NAMO’s focus is on operational issues affecting the viability of maritime commerce, and its mission is to protect the climate for international shipping in the U.S. Members are engaged with their respective Congressional Delegations as well as the myriad administration and regulatory agencies.
Following is a list of some of the issues of concern to NAMO and its members:
• Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund
• Dredging
• Federal Government Automation (CBP, Coast Guard, etc)
• Single window reporting
• Safety & Security
• Port Security Grants
• Transportation Worker Identification Credential (PORTS)
• Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System (PORTS
• Mapping & Charting
• Ballast Water
• Clean Air/Water legislation & regulations (e.g. Vessel General Permit)